Where is the minimize button on Windows 10?

How do I get the minimize button in Windows 10?

What Is the Shortcut Key for Minimize?

  1. Shortcut 1: Alt + Space + N.
  2. Shortcut 2: Windows Key + M.
  3. Shortcut 3: Windows Key + Home.
  4. Shortcut 4: Windows Key + Down Arrow.

Where is my Minimize button?

Normally, the Minimize, Close, and Restore buttons are visible in the upper right corner of the screen.

Which button do you press to minimize a window?

Windows logo key keyboard shortcuts

Press this key To do this
Windows logo key + K Open Cast from Quick Settings. Updated in Windows 11.
Windows logo key + L Lock your PC or switch accounts.
Windows logo key + M Minimize all windows.
Windows logo key + Shift + M Restore minimized windows on the desktop.

Why can’t I minimize windows in Windows 10?

Sometimes, pressing the Alt + Spacebar shortcut key can help you restore down the program window to the normal small size. Alternatively, you can also try using the Win + Down arrow to minimize the program window or press the Win + Up arrow keys together on your keyboard to maximize the program window.

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Why is my Minimize button gone?

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to start Task Manager. When Task Manager opens, locate Desktop Windows Manager, right click it and choose End Task. The process will now restart and the buttons should appear again.

How do I get the minimize button back on my computer?

If both the menu bar and the buttons are missing, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start, and then click Shut Down.
  2. In the Shut Down Windows dialog box, click Restart, and then click OK.
  3. When your computer restarts, repeatedly press (tap) the F5 key until the Microsoft Windows splash screen appears.

When minimize a window disappears?

Hold the Ctrl and Shift keys down, and right-click on the taskbar button of that program. Click Move. When the cursor changes to 4-sided arrows, use the keyboard arrows to move the window back to the desired position on the screen.

How do I minimize my browser screen?


  1. Open a recently closed tab in your internet broswer: Ctrl + Shift “T”
  2. Switch between open windows: Alt + Tab.
  3. Minimize everything and show desktop: (or between the desktop and Start screen in Windows 8.1): Windows Key + “D”
  4. Minimize window: Windows Key + Down Arrow.
  5. Maximize window: Windows Key + Up Arrow.

What is minimize button in computer?

The Minimize button is among the three buttons at the right end of the title bar. This button has a small dash (or minus sign). The Minimize button shrinks the window and places it on the taskbar while leaving the program running.

How do I minimize games in windows 10?

To minimize the app you are using, press Windows + Down arrow on your keyboard. If the app is maximized, this minimize shortcut only restores it to its intermediate state, so you have to use it twice to hide the window from view. To maximize the current app, use the Windows + Up arrow keyboard shortcut.

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How do I minimize my computer screen using the keyboard?

Once the menu is up, pressing x will maximize the window. You can also press n to minimize it or, if it’s already maximized, r to restore it to its pre-maximized state.

How do I minimize all windows shortcuts?

If your keyboard has a Windows key (and most current keyboards do), you can press the Windows key and the M key simultaneously to minimize all the currently open windows on your desktop.

How do I minimize Windows without Minimize button?

Minimizing all open windows can be accomplished a variety of ways without the Windows key. On a PC, try pressing Alt + Tab ↹ to minimize each window individually or use taskbar buttons to minimize all open windows at once.