Can no longer search in Windows 10?

Why does my search not work in Windows 10?

One of the reasons why Windows 10 search isn’t working for you is because of a faulty Windows 10 update. If Microsoft hasn’t released a fix just yet, then one way of fixing search in Windows 10 is to uninstall the problematic update. To do this, return to the Settings app, then click ‘Update & Security’.

Can no longer search in Start menu?

8 Ways to Fix the Windows 10 Start Menu Search When It Stops…

  • Uninstall Windows 10 Updates. …
  • Run an SFC System Scan. …
  • Reset File Explorer. …
  • Restart Cortana. …
  • Reset the Entire Start Menu Search Bar. …
  • Go Over the Windows Search Service. …
  • Run the Windows Troubleshooter. …
  • Perform a Factory Reset.

How do I get the search back on Windows 10?

Show the search box on the taskbar

  1. Press and hold (or right-click) the taskbar and select Taskbar settings.
  2. Select Taskbar items to expand the section, then toggle the Search switch to On.

Why is the Windows search bar not working?

Go to Windows Settings and then click on “Update & Security.” On the sidebar to the left, select “Troubleshoot” followed by “Additional troubleshooters.” From there, click on “Search and indexing” followed by “Run the troubleshooter.” A new window will pop up, offering several options.

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How do I enable search in the Start menu?

Right-click “Windows Search” and then click “Properties.” In the Properties window, click on the “Start” button to start the service. Also, make sure that the Startup type is set to “Automatic” or “Automatic (Delayed Start).” This ensures that the service will automatically start at every system startup.

How do I restore my search bar?

To get the Google Search bar widget back on your screen, follow the path Home Screen > Widgets > Google Search. You should then see the Google Search bar reappear on your phone’s main screen.

How do I get my search bar back?

To add Google search bar on your Android home screen, you need to have the Google app installed on your device. If you don’t have the Google app, first download it and then you can put the search bar on the home screen. You can also change the size of the search bar while in the edit mode.

How do I add a search icon in Windows 10?

Step 1: Access Taskbar and Start Menu Properties. Step 2: Open Toolbars, click the down arrow on the bar where Show search box is, select Show search icon in the drop-down list and tap OK.