Your question: How do I record audio in Linux Mint?

How do I record audio on Linux?

Click on the “Start recording” button to start recording audio. Whenever you press the “Stop recording” button, the tool will start recording audio and the green signal will be shown. You can say anything to record it. You can also apply Timer on your recording if you want to record the audio for a set time.

How do I record on Linux Mint?

Built-in screen recording capability

In the desktop environment, you can record with the combination Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R, in some Gnome environments, but by default only short 30-second videos are obtained. I ran on Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon and the video was written until I again pressed Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R.

How do I use Gnome sound recorder?

To start recording, choose Control ▸ Record. To stop recording, choose Control ▸ Stop. To play back the recording, choose Control ▸ Play.

Use the Record as drop-down list to select one of the following recording options:

  1. CD Quality, Lossless.
  2. CD Quality, Lossy.
  3. Voice.

Does Ubuntu have a voice recorder?

Audio Recorder is the revamped version of Gnome applet ‘Audio Rec’. It is an easy to use but extremely powerful app that caters to all of your audio recording needs in Ubuntu Unity and Gnome 3. Let’s see how to install Audio Recorder in Ubuntu.

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How do I record audio?


  1. Locate or download a recorder app on your phone and click to open.
  2. Press the Record button to begin recording.
  3. Press the Stop button to end recording.
  4. Tap your recording to share.

How do I record audio and video in Linux?

Best Screen Recorders for Linux

  1. Kazam. Kazam is a minimal and nifty tool for screencasting. …
  2. Open Broadcaster Software Studio. OBS Studio is, without doubt, the most feature-rich and advanced screencasting application available for Linux. …
  3. SimpleScreenRecorder. …
  4. recordMyDesktop. …
  5. VokoscreenNG. …
  6. ScreenStudio. …
  7. Green Recorder. …
  8. Peek.

How do I record audio on Ubuntu?

You can very simply record audio through terminal using the pre-installed tool arecord .

  1. Open a terminal ( Ctrl + Alt + T )
  2. Run the command arecord filename.wav.
  3. Your audio recording has started, press Ctrl + C to stop the recording.
  4. Your voice recording has been saved as filename. wav in your home directory.

How do I install audio recorder?

How to install Audio Recorder in Ubuntu:

  1. Add the PPA. Open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run command: …
  2. After adding the PPA, you can install the app either via Synaptic Package Manager after clicking Refresh to update package index, or by running the commands below in terminal: …
  3. (Optional) To remove Audio Recorder.

How do I record audio and video in Ubuntu?

Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R to start recording what is on your screen. A red circle is displayed in the top right corner of the screen when the recording is in progress. Once you have finished, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R again to stop the recording.

How do I record audio on Fedora?

Using Sound Recorder. From the top menu select File > New, or press the New button on the second panel. On the Record as drop-down menu choose what type of file you want to record to. Press the red Record button or select Control > Record from the top menu to start recording.

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