What is configure in Linux?

What does configure mean in Linux?

Configure the software. The configure script is responsible for getting ready to build the software on your specific system. It makes sure all of the dependencies for the rest of the build and install process are available, and finds out whatever it needs to know to use those dependencies.

What is configure script Linux?

A configure script is an executable script designed to aid in developing a program to be run on a wide number of different computers. It matches the libraries on the user’s computer, with those required by the program before compiling it from its source code.

Where is configure?

usually configure is in the top directory after you extracted the source of a package. so after unpacking, you have to cd into the newly created folder, and thats where configure should be.

How do you find configure in Linux?

Checking system configuration with Linux

  1. Run the following command: dsh -av “grep processor /proc/cpuinfo” | wc –l. …
  2. If the total number of processors available in the cluster is not shown, perform the following steps: …
  3. If processor de-configuration persists, contact your next level of hardware support.
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What is the purpose of configure?

to set up (a software program or device) for a particular computer, computer system, or task: to configure the printer for a wireless network.

What is configure command?

configure is normally a (generated) shell script which is packaged in Unix-based applications and is used to detect certain machine settings and set up needed files for make to do its job. Look for a configure. bat or a file called configure in the QT directory and run it.

What is configure prefix?

What –prefix Means. When you run ./configure –prefix=directory , you are indicating that the software should be installed under the directory directory. But this rarely, if ever, places loose files in directory . Instead, it places files that serve different purposes in the different subdirectories of directory .

What is configure AC?

The configure.ac File. The configure.ac file is used to create the ./configure script. It consists of a series of macros which are processed and expanded by autoconf . These macros can check for packages and libraries, handle –enable and –with switches, and generate various files.

How make install works?

make follows the instructions of the Makefile and converts source code into binary for the computer to read. make install installs the program by copying the binaries into the correct places as defined by ./configure and the Makefile. Some Makefiles do extra cleaning and compiling in this step.

How do you install configure on Linux?

Here is a brief overview of the procedure:

  1. Boot the Linux installation media.
  2. Run fdisk under Linux to create Linux partitions.
  3. Run mke2fs and mkswap to create Linux filesystems and swap space.
  4. Install the Linux software and configure it.
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How do I run a configuration file in Linux?

conf file in Linux, first locate it in the file system. Most often, the dhclient. conf file will be located in the /etc or /etc/DHCP directory. Once you find the file, open it with your favorite command-line editor.

What is make install command in Linux?

When you do “make install”, the make program takes the binaries from the previous step and copies them into some appropriate locations so that they can be accessed. Unlike on Windows, installation just requires copying some libraries and executables and there is no registry requirement as such.

How do I get more RAM on Linux?


  1. Open the command line.
  2. Type the following command: grep MemTotal /proc/meminfo.
  3. You should see something similar to the following as output: MemTotal: 4194304 kB.
  4. This is your total available memory.

What is etc directory Linux?

The /etc (et-see) directory is where a Linux system’s configuration files live. A large number of files (over 200) appear on your screen. You’ve successfully listed the contents of the /etc directory, but you can actually list files in several different ways.