Best answer: What is ps and top command in Linux?

What are the ps and top commands for?


Command Description
fg To run a stopped process in the foreground
top Details on all Active Processes
ps Give the status of processes running for a user
ps PID Gives the status of a particular process

What is ps in Linux command?

“ps” stands for process status and is a powerful tool that provides information about processes on your Linux system. The ps command allows you to list the status of processes running on your system easily. By default, this command will limit its results to the current user and the current terminal session.

What are the differences between ps and top?

ps is based on the accumulate CPU usage (since the process started), where the %CPU is an average (total/time). top reports the (average) CPU usage since the last time it was sampled. CPU usage is currently expressed as the percentage of time spent running during the entire lifetime of a process.

What does top command do in Linux?

The top (table of processes) command shows a real-time view of running processes in Linux and displays kernel-managed tasks. The command also provides a system information summary that shows resource utilization, including CPU and memory usage.

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What does ps command do?

The ps command enables you to check the status of active processes on a system, as well as display technical information about the processes. This data is useful for administrative tasks such as determining how to set process priorities.

What are the ps command options?


Option Description
-d Displays all processes with the exception of session leaders.
-e Displays all processes.
-f Displays a full listing.
-glist Displays data for the list of group leader IDs.

What is ps in bash?

The “ps” command in Linux is an abbreviation of “process status”. It is used to get information about the processes running within your system. The output of this command can vary depending upon the parameters used with it.

What is the full form of ps command?

Type. Command. In most Unix and Unix-like operating systems, the ps program (short for “process status”) displays the currently-running processes. A related Unix utility named top provides a real-time view of the running processes.

What does ps EF mean?

So altogether ps -ef | grep processname. means: look for lines containing processname in a detailed overview/snapshot of all current processes, and display those lines.

What is SAR Linux?

Sar is a system utility that gives us many ways to examine performance on a Linux system. It provides details on all aspects of system performance including system load, CPU usage, memory use, paging, swapping, disk usage, device load, network activity, etc.

What are the top commands in Linux?

The Most-Used Linux Commands

  • grep Command.
  • whoami Command.
  • whatis Command.
  • wc Command.
  • uname Command.
  • neofetch Command.
  • find Command.
  • wget Command.
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How do you run a top command?

The top Command Interface

You can open the Terminal either through the system Dash or the Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut. The upper part of the output shows statistics about the processes and resource usage. The lower part displays a list of currently running processes.

What is PID in top command?

Pressing q will simply exit the command mode. The columns are labeled: PID: Shows task’s unique process ID. USER: User name of owner of task.