What does archiving an iOS backup do?

What happens when I archive an iPhone backup?

After a backup is archived, it is saved and not overwritten when you connect your iPhone to Mac and make a new backup. In other words, after archiving a backup, you have at least two backups for that device.

Where are archived iPhone backups?

Your archived backups are always visible in the Preferences section of iTunes, even when a device is not plugged in. Deleting one of your archived backups can be done from the same menu, by selecting a backup and choosing the “Delete Backup” option.

Do I need old iOS backups?

The only reason you would want to keep old backups is if you still needed to restore some of the data from them to your device. It will only delete it from iCloud, freeing up space in your account. It won’t do anything to the data on the data on your phone.

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How do I restore an archived iPhone backup?

On Windows

  1. Open iTunes on your PC.
  2. Connect your device using a USB cable.
  3. If you see a message asking for your device passcode or Trust This Computer, follow the onscreen steps.
  4. Select your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in the Finder window.
  5. Choose Restore Backup.
  6. Select the most recent backup.
  7. Click Restore.

How do I archive my iPhone backup 2021?

How to make an archived backup of your iPhone or iPad

  1. Click on Manage Backups in the same Finder (or iTunes) window that you backed up your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Select the backup you want to archive. This should be the most current backup.
  3. Right-click or Control + click on the backup. …
  4. Click on Archive.
  5. Click on OK.

How do I backup my iCloud content?

To automatically back up your device each day, turn on iCloud Backup via Settings > [your name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup and toggle iCloud Backup to on. If you’re using iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to Settings > iCloud > Backup. The device will then back up when your phone is connected to power, locked, and on Wi-Fi.

How do you archive on iPhone?

Archive text conversations, calls, or voicemails

  1. Open the Voice app .
  2. On the bottom, tap Messages , Calls , or Voicemail .
  3. Touch and hold the conversation, call, or voicemail you want to archive. …
  4. In the top right, tap Archive .

How do I archive photos on iPhone?

Move images to archive

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Photos app .
  2. Sign in to your Google Account.
  3. Select a photo.
  4. Tap More. Move to Archive.
  5. Optional: To find any photos that you’ve archived from your Photos view, in the Google Photos app , at the bottom, tap Library. Archive.
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How do I archive my iPhone contacts?

Export all contacts: Choose File > Export > Contacts Archive, choose a location, then click Save. The contacts are exported as an archive file (.

Is it OK to delete old iPhone backups?

Yes, it’s safe but you will be deleting data in those backups. Should you wish to restore your device from a backup, then you wouldn’t be able to if it’s deleted. And yes, data does get deleted. I barely have any storage on my phone left and I saw that backups take a lot of space.

What happens if I delete an old backup?

The short answer is no—deleting your old iPhone backup from iCloud is completely safe and won’t affect any of the data on your actual iPhone. In fact, even deleting the backup of your current iPhone won’t have any impact on what’s actually on your device.

Can you delete old iPhone backups from iCloud?

You can delete old iCloud backups for the device you’re currently using, or older devices you may not use anymore. iCloud backups are available for 180 days after you disable or stop using iCloud Backup. Backups that are currently being used to restore a device can’t be deleted.

How many iPhone backups does iCloud keep?

Generally speaking, the iCloud on your device saves only the recent backup because it is an incremental backup. That’s to say it can keep only one backup at a time. And when you backup the device with iCloud next time, your device merges the previous backup with the current one.

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How can I recover permanently deleted photos from my iPhone?

If you have your iPhone, go to Photos -> Albums, scroll down, tap Recently Deleted, tap Select, then select all the photos and tap Recover. Your photos are back where they used to be. Easy! After that, select the photo you want to retrieve and tap Recover.

How do I restore my iPhone without deleting from iCloud?

Go to Settings > General > Reset, then tap Erase All Content and Settings. On the Apps & Data screen, tap Restore from iCloud Backup, then sign in with your Apple ID. Tap on “Choose backup”, then choose from a list of available backups in iCloud.

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