Your question: Will pixel 4a get Android 11?

How long will Pixel 4a have support?

Pixel 1 & Pixel 1 XL.

When you’ll get Pixel updates.

Phone Guaranteed Android version updates until at least: Guaranteed security updates until at least:
Pixel 5a with 5G August 2024 August 2024
Pixel 5 October 2023 October 2023
Pixel 4a (5G) November 2023 November 2023
Pixel 4a August 2023 August 2023

Will Pixel 4a get Android 12?

Get Android 12 on a Google Pixel device

Android 12 OTAs and downloads are available for the following Google Pixel devices: Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Pixel 5 and 5a. Pixel 4 and 4a.

Will Pixel 4a get Android update?

Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 Pro phones will get Pixel updates for at least 5 years from when the device first became available on the Google Store in the US.

When you’ll get Pixel updates.

Phone Guaranteed Android version updates until at least: Guaranteed security updates until at least:
Pixel 4a August 2023 August 2023

Will Pixel 4a get Android 13?

For the Android 13 developer preview, only Pixel 4/XL, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 5a, Pixel 5, and Pixel 6/Pro are available. You won’t be able to install it on the original Pixel/XL, Pixel 2/XL, Pixel 3/XL, or Pixel 3a/XL.

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Is Pixel 4a future proof?

To wrap up, the Pixel 4a is good enough for most use cases, but don’t get it if you want to run high-end games or other processor-intensive apps. If you plan to keep your next phone for more than two years, then you might want to choose a more future-proof Snapdragon 765G-equipped phone.

Is Pixel 4a successful?

The Pixel 4a has been officially discontinued. It lived a good life, but it still has some software support life left in it. It’ll enjoy another year of Android platform updates and two more years of security patches before it hits end-of-life.

How do I get Android 11?

How to get the Android 11 download easily

  1. Back up all your data.
  2. Open your phone’s Settings menu.
  3. Select System, then Advanced, then System Update.
  4. Select Check for Update and download Android 11.

What is Android 12 called?


Name Internal codename Latest Google Play Services version (release date)
Android Pie Pistachio Ice Cream 22.06.15 (March 2022)
Android 10 Quince Tart
Android 11 Red Velvet Cake
Android 12 Snow Cone

Can I download Android 11?

If you have a qualified Google Pixel device, you can check and update your Android version to receive Android 11 over the air. Alternatively, if you’d rather flash your device manually, you can get the Android 11 system image for your device on the Pixel downloads page.

Do Pixel phones last long?

So, to answer the above question: technically, a Pixel phone will function as it should for three years. In your first three years of ownership, you’re guaranteed three major Android updates which is about as good as it gets in the Android space unless you go with Samsung.

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Will Pixel 4A get Android 14?

The Pixel phones receive three years of guaranteed Android updates – until August 2023 for the Pixel 4a, as explained here. If Android 14 is released within that time, then it will be guaranteed to get it. If – which is likely – it arrives after that date then it may get it.

When did Android 11 launch?

Android 11 is the eleventh major release and 18th version of Android, the mobile operating system developed by the Open Handset Alliance led by Google. It was released on September 8, 2020.

What is Android 11 called?

Google has released its latest big update called Android 11 “R”, which is rolling out now to the firm’s Pixel devices, and to smartphones from a handful of third-party manufacturers.

What phones can get Android 11?

Phones ready for Android 11.

  • Samsung. Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.
  • Samsung. Galaxy S20 5G.
  • Google. Pixel 4a.
  • Samsung. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G.
  • OnePlus. 8 Pro.

How do I get Android 11 beta?

Here’s how you get started: Visit to sign-up for the Android Beta Program. Sign in to your Google account when prompted. Your eligible devices will be listed on the next page, click to enroll in the Beta Program.