How do I change Android launcher back to default?

How do I go back to the default Android launcher?

Step 2: Apply the new launcher

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select Apps from the list. You can also search for “Default Apps” and select the option from the list.
  3. Tap Default Apps.
  4. Select Home App.
  5. Select the app that you wish to set as the default Home app on your Android phone.

How do I uninstall Android system launcher?

Go to Settings > Apps/Applications > scrolll down to the launcher that is the default for your Android device > scroll down and tap on ‘Clear defaults’.

What is the default launcher for Android?

First, you need to navigate to Settings > Apps > All. Scroll down and look for your current application launcher. In the case of our example device, the default launcher is the Google Now Launcher.

How do I change my default launcher back?

Step 1: Run the Settings app. Step 2: Tap Apps, then swipe over to the All heading. Step 3: Scroll down until you find the name of your current launcher, then tap it. Step 4: Scroll down to the Clear Defaults button, then tap it.

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How do I reset my default launcher?

How to Get Your Old Android Theme Back

  1. On your Android phone, tap Settings for your launcher theme.
  2. Tap Select Default Launcher. This may be phrased differently depending on the launcher you’re using.
  3. Tap System Launcher.
  4. Your phone is now restored to the home screen you first had.

How do I remove launcher from my phone?

In just a few steps, you can learn how to uninstall Launcher from your Android phone.

  1. Press your phone’s “menu” button while at the home screen, and then tap “Settings.” …
  2. Tap “Applications,” and then choose “Manage applications.”

What if I uninstall system launcher?

Deleting it will cause no issue if you have set another launcher as default, but in case you reset your phone in future, nothing is going to show once the device boots after the reset.

How do I change the system launcher app?

With some Android phones you head to Settings>Home, and then you choose the launcher you want. With others you head to Settings>Apps and then hit the settings cog icon in the top corner where you’ll then options to change default apps.

How do I change the default launcher in Android 11?

Tapping the “Home app” option will display all the launcher apps currently installed on your device. Tap the app you want to use, then it will be your new default launcher. Then it should immediately send you to the home screen of the new launcher.

How do I change the default launcher on Android TV?

Set Google TV Launcher as Default Launcher

  1. Open Device Preferences of your Android TV.
  2. Then go to Build Version under the About section.
  3. Now, repeatedly press it until Developer Options are enabled.
  4. After enabling, go back to the Device Preferences menu and open Developer Options.
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